Where Lash Artistry Meets Business Strategy

True success in the beauty industry goes beyond mastering the art of lashing.

Being a skilled lash technician is just the beginning; to thrive in the beauty industry, you need to be a savvy entrepreneur.

At Lashpreneur Academy we not only teach you the latest lash techniques - we're also passionate about transforming lash artists into business-minded CEOs.

Hi, I'm Klaudia. Your Lash & Business Mentor.

I became a certified lash artist in 2013 and started teaching in 2016.

I’m an expert at handmade lash extensions and wispy sets, a nerd when it comes to marketing and photography, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing lashes (without it taking over their life).

After moving to Australia from Europe 7 years ago, I had to rebuild my whole lash business from scratch. 

I was struggling to gain clientele and grow my social media.

But one day I made the most important decision: I started focusing on branding, visuals and social media to see where it gets me....

Well, 2 years later this amazing journey took me to where I am today - I turned my "little lash career" into a multi 6-figure business.

I went to business school, so you don't have to.

Becoming a lash technician is easy, but the question is, can they build a successful business that allows them to live their dream life?

Lacking the necessary business knowledge and experience, most artists find themselves uncertain about how to unlock their full potential.

That's where Lashpreneur Academy steps in, integrating the essential foundations of success in the beauty industry.

Our tried-and-true business formula empowers women to forge their own path, creating a 6+ figure lash business.

Lash Courses from Complete Beginner to Advanced

with a strong focus on the latest, trending techniques, business and social media knowledge.